Apr 27, 2012

[Tutorial] Installing Aircrack in ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

So.. aircrack is not found in default repository of Ubuntu anymore.
You want it, then you need to compile and install it from the source itself. Download the source from here.

Save it in some less messy folder, say Public.
If you just try to extract and compile it, you will get a good series of errors:

To overcome these errors, follow the steps below:

1) Install build-essential and libssl

apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev

2) Extract the aircrack source if it hasnt already been extracted:

tar -xzf aircrack-ng-1.1.tar.gz

3) cd to it, and edit a file called common.mak

cd aircrack-ng-1.1

open common.mak with a text editor you are comfortable with.
Find this line:
 CFLAGS          ?= -g -W -Wall -Werror -O3
and remove -Werror only,
Save and exit. 

4) Now compile and install

make && make install

You are done.

Well, this was not totally my idea, I also read some tutorials before to make this one. So original credits go to all the writers whose tutorial I have read.

Feel free to comment if needed. :)   


  1. Thanks, this helps me.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks a lot for this extremely helpful info!
    Success, finally!

  3. Thank You All, for Reading and Commenting and also verifying that it works! :)
    There maybe chance of you getting "mon0 is in channel -1" error. If so happens then try to patch it or if you are unsure about it, just leave a comment here. :)

  4. I get "mon0 is in channel -1" error. What do you mean by patching it?
    Can you talk me through it?

    1. Yeah.. I thought so.
      What you need to do is download latest compat driver, patch it and install it.
      Download it from here:


      Extract it:

      sudo tar -xfj yourfilename.tar.bz2

      Download patch:

      sudo wget http://patches.aircrack-ng.org/channel-negative-one-maxim.patch

      Patch the driver:

      sudo patch -p1 < channel-negative-one-maxim.patch

      After that make and make install the driver.

      sudo make && make install

      If you know the chipset of your card then you can just select the driver of your card.

      More detail here:


      If you get stuch at any place, feel free to comment again.

  5. Hi Dk :)
    does mint linux 13 have it in its reposotory? :)
    Or the other derivates?

    1. Hey Don, Nice to see you again.

      Linux mint uses same repo as ubuntu isnt it? Well at least it was like that a couple of years ago when I used Mint.
      If yes then there won't be aircrack.

      Just check the /etc/apt/sources.list
      If it is same as that of ubuntu then there wont be aircrack.

      Also you cant simply check by:

      sudo apt-cache searc aircrack

      I had to write all these because I don't know of mint, as I havent used it lately.. :)

    2. I mean to say, you "can" simply check by:....... bloody typo..

  6. ...simple and useful...this help me more than other tutorials i saw....tnx!

  7. Hi there!!! To All Gurus !!
    I was using ubuntu v10 last time for 2 years and the aircrack work fine test on my own wifi network.
    recently i just formated my laptop and install a whole new 12.04 lts. after install of coz install back the aircrack then put on test.
    problem is cant even hook up for authentication even use all method of attack!
    the installation are fine airmon-ng start airodump-ng running with channel correctly,
    but cant hook up authentication!
    whats then problem actually, i hv no ideal as there is no error but just showing bunch of line then code to
    used y or n thats it and its endless!
    Plz help any GURU's out there!!!

    1. Hi, I didn't quite understand your problem, maybe you can upload a screenshot of your problem so that we can see what the exact problem is. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. /home/julianlock/Pictures/Screenshot from 2013-03-12 17:28:37.png

    this continue and so on without ending i was able to test it last time b4 installing the new ubuntu 12.04 lts. the fake auth is success.

    1. pal, you have posted the link of your local machine...
      upload the screenshot somehwere and post the link of that. :)