Nov 7, 2011

[Article] First Post: About FOSS!!

FOSS = Free And Open Source Softwares. A boring Article below:

I Guess All Of Us Has At Least Once (If Not More) Thought About Computer Softwares Acting The Way We Want.

A Basic Example: You may have wanted to fool some people in clicking the shutdown button thinking that it will poweroff the computer but instead the computer reboots...again and again... and you are LYFAO...
Dont ask me if it is necessary or not...  Its just a small example that will hint you what I am talking about. If you want to go to depth.. I am always ready to answer your queries.

So, how many of you have ever succeeded it using Microshit Wingdopes?? I guess none. The main reason is, Microshit is a company that produces software and sells it without giving out the Source Code of the program. It will only give you the program.. so if you want to modify the program.. you will have a nice pain in the ass.. These types of softwares are called Closed Source Softwares. You wont have any freedom with it....

Its like eating a dish of food paying a lots of money but if you want to make the food again then you dont have the recipe, but again.. if you order for the food it will be delivered at your doorstep with a small amount of change but double the price. If you are happy with that then dont even dare to proceed below.

Then what is Open Source Software?? Its like eating a food, if you find it delicious then you can ask the cook for the recipe, he will give you the recipe hapily. And once you have the recipe, you can modify the recipe, add your own seasonings or anything at all. If you are capable you will create an even more delicous dish. If you want the world to know about your new/modified dish you can give the recipe to the world and ask them to make it even better.

So, how is it Free?? Please take a nice note of the succeeding line:

Free--> Free as in Freedom, Not Free as Beer!!

You are free to do anything you want. Once you get the recipe you can cook the food as your wish, smash it, pulp it, thrash it, care it... anything at all. If you are capable then you can eat with your ears and nose and other parts of bodies that I dont want to mention.

Again, Its Free as a Beer too!! Most of the Open Source Softwares are monetarily free, that means you can get loads of them without paying a single penny.
In our country we use Hacked and Cracked and Pirated Version of Microshit Wingdopes so we dont bother anything about buying softwares and so and so... What if they make a law that we need to buy the Softwares for using?? Are you ready to pay Rs.10000+ for a crappy OS? and another Rs 10000+ for Microshit Office Package, licence of which can be used only once in a single computer?? Decide yourself...

Epilogue: With This Article I Am Not Forcing Anybody To Use FOSS!!! Since I Belive In Freedom, You Are Free To Use Anything You Want...