Dec 21, 2014

Continuing the blog!

Hello guys! After a long gap, ~2 years, I have decided to resume posting again.
I guess most of the old readers have stopped following the blog now... Sorry Guys, Happens. :(

I have been busy with various stuffs like learning and doing networkings, some system administrations and such. I guess the upcoming posts will be more focused on networkings and systems.

I got various SoCs like Raspberry Pi, Android Mini PC (RK3188 Chip) etc and had been busy playing with such. Raspberry Pi acts as a small home server serving ftp/sftp, ssh, squid proxy, dnsmasq, some networking rules with iptables and tc, etc. Etc. My next post will be about routing/forwarding packets from one interface to another in Raspberry Pi (Well, works in almost any linux distros, specially easily in debian based). After that various other playarounds with the pi/linux servers.

Till then!

P.S. It's good to be back. :)

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  1. Hello DK,
    happy new year,I have gone through your posts of 2011 relevant to MDK3 which is is still relevant and very descriptive. I appreciate your hard work and dedication that you have put over the years and again you're planning on providing helpful in fact wonderful tips, detailed guides for newbies. definitely I have bookmarked your URL I look forward to your new post in 2015.
    keep up the good work