Jan 18, 2012

:( :( :(

I feel sad when I get illegal access to someone's account and take control over it. Specially when i see pictures of them with their family members in facebook. They look so innocent and have never done any harm to  me, in fact they dont even know me......

Also, I have taken control over only  3 accounts till now even if i have tons of user credentials... that too because I had to.

Next tutorial coming up on getting credentials using phishing page. Want it? Its damn easy, so it wont be a spoonfeeding one.


  1. hahahahahahhaha :P

  2. damn !!!!you are an evil guy!!haha

  3. Could u do a tutorial about mdk3 g option?

  4. mdk3 g option is like hit and trial method, the victim may or maynot downgrade his security to WPA. it just stops the WEP packets.
    mdk3 mon0 g -t

    1. mdk3 mon0 a

      what a command ahhh fuck all ap's in your area

  5. me also sad when i played wrong, but what i do my think is negative like you