Dec 21, 2011

[Article] Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" Alpha Out For Testing!!

Was busy with college so found out just today that Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha is out for testing. Also, Ettercap Lazarus was released on the same time so didnt pay attention to anything except Lazarus for couple of week.

This release contains Linux Kernel 3.2 RC3.
Mozilla Firefox 9.0 is the default browser and Mozilla Thunderbird 9.0 is the default email client.
It has gnome 3.2.1 as desktop environment.
Also, Rythmbox is the default music player.

So, why wait, lets download and check the Alpha release and see if we can find any bugs and/or fix the bug and help for the release of 12.04. Please click here to go to the iso download pages.

Try to inform ubuntu of any bugs you find asap!! :D

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