Dec 19, 2011

[Article] Sketching Tux

Lately I have been attracted in drawing tux.
For people who dont now who or what is tux, please go here.
So, here are a few of Tuxes I drew.

This is the first tux i drew withing 5 minutes as soon as I was attracted. Looks like shit, but still as a memorable first drawing. :)

This is the second tux I drew taking about 15 minutes. This tux is now a sticker in my laptop after being coloured, as shown in the figure below :) :

The below one maybe the final Tux I will draw, its bigger than others, about 3-4 times bigger than the one above. I have planned to stick this big-tux on the back of my laptop. :)

The tux above was bald when he was born, LOL. :D

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  1. funny...ahahaha...btw,nice blog (Y)