Dec 6, 2011

[NEWS] Ettercap 0.7.4 released!!!

Finally after 6 years, a new version of ettercap has been released on December 2, 2011.
The version is ettercap-0.7.4 and has been named Lazarus.

The official changelogs are as below:

  • fixed resource depletion issue
  • buffer access out-of-bounds issues
  • fixed DNS dissector not working on 64bit systems
  • multiple buffer overflows
  • multiple memory leaks
  • multiple files with obsolete code
  • fixed SEND L3 errors experienced by some users
  • fixed a compilation error under Mac OS X Lion
  • updated build system
You can download it from here:

Will post more updates when I get time to test it.



  1. but I'm going on getting same mistake that is send L3 error.

  2. does anyone help me? how can I fix this error??

  3. weird, send L3 error in lazarus??
    have you edited your etter.conf file properly?